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Recommend a Friend

Recommend a friend to the Studio this Spring and get a free Studio session worth £20* Studio sessions are a real treat as you benefit from a personalised Pilates programme for the hour. Sessions are limited to four people and take place in our unique equipment studio....

A new workout routine this Spring

If you are thinking about starting a new workout routine for Spring (or know someone who might be), then Beginners Pilates is a great way to begin. Pilates makes you stronger, more toned and happier (yes, really) and our instructors are welcoming and friendly and have...

Word of the Month

Over the last few months we’ve been focussing on the six Principles of Pilates for you to consider when you come to the studio. They are: Flow Centering Breath Concentration Control Precision This month we invite you to bring all six together during your...

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    purely PILATES is all about you, our customers. Thanks to our personalised and professional approach to Pilates, we can assess and empower you to work with movements to improve your posture, tone and lengthen your muscles to create a stronger more flexible body. Between us we have over 30 years’ experience in health and fitness with clients that have been training with us for many years. Our passion for Pilates has led us to open the only fully equipped Pilates Studio in the Hove area. Helping individuals recover from injury, get back in shape after childbirth, improve athletic performance and get fit, is the driving force behind our success.
    Purely Pilates Studio
    Purely Pilates Studio shared their post.1 day ago
    There is still space in our new Tuesday lunchtime jumpboard classes. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before, our first class will be an intro class.
    Get in touch with Beth on info@purelypilatesstudio.co.uk if you would like to give it a try...
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    Purely Pilates Studio1 week ago
    For the men in your life who think pilates is 'just for girls' - perhaps they should read this and then try a class with us. Why not buy a course for someone you know so they can feel the benefits for themselves? - https://blog.pilates.com/why-men-should-meet-pilates/
    Purely Pilates Studio
    Purely Pilates Studio2 weeks ago
    8 week Jumpboard Course
    A cardio workout whilst improving your core strength
    (and time for lunch!)
    Beginning Tuesday 23rd October, 12.45 – 1.25pm with Helen.

    Jumpboard is an 'easy to pick up' class which has you doing simple jump combinations combined with upper and lower body strength and flexibility exercises. It has all the benefits of a cardio/strength interval workout whilst also challenging the core. It's an energetic and fun class which can be done by total beginners as well as seasoned Pilates clients.

    Why not come along and try it out?

    Places are limited so book early by contacting Beth via info@purelypilatesstudio.co.uk
    Purely Pilates Studio
    Purely Pilates Studio3 weeks ago
    This made us smile - especially the 'oyster on the pier at sunset' and those hundreds.....https://metro.co.uk/2017/06/29/15-things-you-know-if-you-do-pilates-6740574/
    Purely Pilates Studio
    Purely Pilates Studio2 months ago
    It's almost time for Strictly fever to take place again this Autumn as the new celebs are all lined up and ready for their dance training. If you want to improve your moves on the dance floor or just be able to move better in life generally, we know Pilates can help you do this.
    If you have a specific goal in mind, then talk to one of our instructors about how we can help you achieve it or commit to an extra class each week - we know you'll feel the benefit soon.