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About the First Session

‘I was apprehensive about starting Pilates because I didn’t know what to expect. However, I needn’t have worried because my instructor put me at ease and took me through the initial exercises with lots of care and attention. She took the time to answer all my questions so I left feeling really confident and excited about my next session.’
Michael Wood, 61, Accountant

About Preventing Injury

‘Pilates was recommended to me by my physiotherapist to help prevent
injuries to my back. I finally listened to her advice and started attending a Pilates class. The class has made a huge difference to my health and physical confidence. Although I am still hyper mobile, I have become strong enough to protect my back. Pilates? I wouldn't be without it!’
Corinne Laws-Ward, 43, Health Professional

About Back Pain

‘I have always had back problems, even when growing up, but in the last few years the pain had become excruciating. I now practice Pilates everyday and the difference to my posture and the reduction of pain is profound.’
Owen Hill, 28, Upholsterer

About Posture

‘Having been taught Pilates for the last couple of years my posture has really improved. It has freed my lower back from the discomfort that I used to suffer from and at the end of my sessions I feel relaxed and focused in so as move forward with the rest of my life’.
Jane Powell, 23, Student

About Pre and Post Pregnancy

‘My one-to-one Pilates sessions have resolved my pelvic floor post pregnancy problems, where no-one else could.’
Hazel Carr, 45, Charity Worker

‘Practising Pilates during pregnancy helped with the birth and has strengthened my pelvic floor to assist with life after childbirth!’
Yvette Ball, 36, Nail Technician

About Fitness

‘I ran one and a half miles today and it didn’ jolt or jar my back‘. That’s all down to Pilates.  Thank you and long may it continue....’
Lorrayne Molloy, 45, Housewife

About the team:

About Gemma

‘Gemma’s enthusiasm and commitment to Pilates’ instruction is second to none. Through the work I do with her in mat-based classes and one-to- one sessions, I have learnt huge amounts about my own body and how to keep it healthy. She knows exactly what level to take me to and I always feel that I have achieved something. She is patient, enthusiastic and knowledgeable and the qualities that she brings to every session make Pilates a joy to do.’
Clare Baker, 33, Hove City Council

About Karen

‘I have attended Karen’s Pilates class for some time and as a chartered physiotherapist I find the class both safe and challenging with a strong emphasis on correct postural alignment.
Karen's classes are both factual and precise and I always leave the class feeling free of tension and energised. With this experience in mind I would, with no hesitation, recommend Karen’s classes to anyone looking to benefit from them in the same way as I have.’
Sylvia Marco, 31, Physiotherapist

About Sarah

‘This is my third year of Pilates with Sarah, and although I am still working at level one it has become an essential part of my life. In my mid-sixties, unfit and with back problems, I had never been to an exercise class before but Sarah's patience and experience quickly allowed me to benefit from Pilates. She accepts all the difficulties people present with calm confidence, altering exercises for individuals as appropriate. No one is left to struggle, and most importantly, I feel safe in her hands.’
Janet Kentish, 63, Retired

About Fiona

‘I have been taking a Pilates class with Fiona for a couple of years and find her classes incredibly enjoyable. Her approach is very clear. I have improved my core strength, posture and flexibility. Highly recommendable!’
Nicky Sweeney, 43, violinist and mum

About Teri

‘Having attended Teri’s classes for the past year, I find them very beneficial to my arthritis. I am limited to the exercises I can do and Teri is extremely supportive to my needs and adapts some of the movements to suit me.’
Amanda McCoy, 37, Mum

About Charlotte

‘I really enjoy the Pilates classes as they have helped me to relax and unwind, as well as easing my back problems. Charlotte is a great instructor and moves at a pace that accommodates everyone in the class.’
Elin Howells, 26, IT


About Elisa

‘Elisa’s background as a sports teacher combined with an intimate knowledge of breathing difficulties gave her a practical advantage over any other therapists I have seen. I have severe asthma and was worried I could not manage exercises but as the hospital recommended that I improve my chest muscles I started sessions with Elisa. Not only does she pitch the exercises just right for you, they seem so effortless that you don't realise what an effect they are having. Elisa could identify the muscles I was (and wasn't) using and she talked me through the benefits of each new exercise. Her calm tone and eternal patience made the sessions a real pleasure. ’
Chrisine, 50, Housewife


About Simone

‘I was advised to take up Pilates some years ago to help with my medical condition. Working with Simone over the last year has helped significantly. She researched the best exercises for me and has been totally committed to providing carefully developed and well structured 121 sessions. If your looking for a thoughtful, knowledgable and also charming Pilates instructor, then you need look no further. You should see Simone.’
David Kirkwood, University of Sussex


About Aleisha

‘After having a really bad back for years and especially at that particular time Aleisha suggested I join her Pilates class, I am so pleased that I took her advice. Aleisha spent a lot of time at the beginning ensuring that breathing was done properly using every part of the lungs. I now use this technique when stressed as it seems to help to keep a clear head. Because of my back problems Aleisha very kindly took me under her wing and spent time with me outside of the classes and concentrated on exercises that were specifically chosen by her that would help alleviate the pain for which I am very grateful.

I have been doing Pilates for about 10 weeks now and can honestly say that my pain has greatly reduced. It hasn’t completely gone but I am hoping that this time next year with continued classes I will be pain free.’
Jean O’Sullivan, Age 62


About Barbara

'I originally started Pilates to ease my back pain, caused by a perforated disc. Whilst initially sceptical about how much Pilates would help me, I can now play tennis and golf regularly, pain free! Barbara’s classes are highly enjoyable, whilst being very well structured and clear to follow. She also adapts certain exercises to suit me individually, and takes the time and initiative to understand any issues I may have. I would highly recommend trying out one of Barbara‘s classes!
Jacqui Rice, School Bursar

About Georgie

Georgie graduated from St Mary’s University with a degree in Sports Rehabilitation in 2008. In 2009 she trained with the Pilates Foundation as a matwork teacher, and more recently in the Apparatus. Having suffered from back pain from a fall off a horse at a young age Georgie turned to Pilates. The rewards were unquestionable with reduced pain and improved body tone; she was sold to Pilates instantly!

About suzy

I began Pilates with Suzy 8 months ago as a complete beginner and I can't recommend her enough as a teacher. As an ex-rugby player I was used to high impact exercise and was a little skeptical about the benefits of Pilates at first. However, thanks to Suzy's guidance and enthusiasm I am now converted and love my weekly sessions! Suzy is a fun, friendly teacher who knows everyone's strengths, injuries and little quirks and adapts exercises to suit us all, always happily demonstrating first. She knows just when to push and encourage our class and I always come away feeling stretched, relaxed and energised. I couldn't imagine having a better instructor than Suzy!
Sarah, Museum Curator

About Jane

I have been attending Jane’s classes for over 3 years. They are very friendly and relaxed and Jane always gives everyone her personal attention (adjusting exercises where necessary to cater for individual needs). This means each person is given a good level of challenge to suit them. The classes have a consistent core set of exercises that we build on, progressing over time, and are kept varied with the use of different equipment. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane for anyone looking for a Pilates class in Brighton and Hove.
Rebecca Chakrabarti


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